Couch to 5k!

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Please Note this programme only runs during term 1 - please see our 'New Years resolution run group which is suitable for beginner runners in term 2!

a Brand new initiative this year....

Want to take up running, but not sure if your current fitness is good enough? Well wait no more - Couch to 5K is a new initiative that will help you get active and start running.

-Is any prior running/fitness experience required? 

Absolutely not! Couch to 5K is for everyone, even if you have never done sport before!


The sessions will be every Sunday at 2pm. The first session will be Sunday 15th October. These will be organised by a student who is also a qualified coach. There will be 8 sessions in total.


We will be meeting at UCL Quad, before moving on to either Russell Square or different locations in Regent's Park. 


To complete the Victoria Park 5K in December. The programme will cover the costs of the entry fee for you. 

-What will we be doing?

 The sessions will start with a gentle warm up exercises, followed by a mixture of running and walking. We shall also include some general fitness drills and exercises, before gradually building up the distance to the 5k target over the course of the programme. At the end, we will have a short stretching session to keep those muscles loose. There'll be music, laughter and heaps of encouragement from everyone! The key component to this programme is having fun, training with a friendly group of like-minded people and achieving a target. 

-Completing the programme...

Upon completion of the programme, you will also receive a reward Couch to 5k running t-shirt!

-Register your interest

Please register your interest below. Or if you have any questions, please speak to

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