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cross country

Whether you’re well acquainted with the mud, or a newbie looking to try something different, UCL cross-country is for you! No experience needed, just a thirst for adventure and a bunch of enthusiasm.

We have many group training sessions throughout the week, designed to help you build speed, strength and endurance safely, all whist having fun!

Sessions include hill repeats, track work, tempo runs and strength & conditioning, as well as easier/ recovery runs alongside the social runners. 

We also have two UK-based away training weekends, one in term one and the other in term 2, and a warm weather training week after the summer exams. 


Mondays – Easy run, meet at Bloomsbury Theatre at 6.10pm

Tuesdays – Track training, meet at Parliament Hill track at 6.50pm

Wednesdays – Easy run, meet at Bloomsbury Theatre at 1.30pm

Thursdays – Hills session, meet at Bloomsbury Theatre at 6.10pm

Fridays – Strength and conditioning**, Bloomsbury Gym at 7:30am

Saturdays – Tempo session in Regents Park, meet at Bloomsbury Theatre at 9.30am

Sundays – Long run in Hampstead Heath, meet at the Parliament Hill Athletics Track at 10am

*Please check weekly email and Facebook group for specific sessions.

**Limited spaces; sign ups are posted on the Facebook Group every Wednesday evening.