Catriona Rennison - President

Degree: Medicine

Blurb: Older but perhaps not any wiser than the rest of us, Catriona has been in the club for over 4 years now (do med students ever actually graduate?). A big fan of long distances, she’s earned the nickname ‘Crazy Cat’ for her love of adventure and propensity to getting very, very injured. Rumor has it, she keeps a spare pair of crutches handy, just in case…

Favourite event: Cross-country

Fun fact: Doing a half ironman in September ‘just for fun’….


Paddy Roddy - Treasurer

Degree: Cosmology PhD

About: Third year PhD student who loves mud and miles. Likes to run far, fast and often! A total whizz with the spreadsheets, who knows where the RAX finances would be without him!

Favourite event: XC/5km/10km/HM

Fun fact: Spent a summer keeping fit cycling on a turbo in a back brace after a cycle crash


Will Sawtell - XC Captain

Degree: Maths

About: Third year lean, mean, (vegan) running machine, Will puts us all to shame. Channelling ‘Born to Run’, he smashes out the barefoot miles while somehow making it look easy (and even fun!). Don’t ask him if he’s running today, the answer is always yes.

Fav event: XC (obviously) and 5k

Fun fact: did he tell you he’s vegan?


Emma Froome -Athletics Captain

Degree: Linguistics

About: Second year Linguistics student Emma quickly became a huge part of the club last year. Throwing herself into athletics, she’s a regular fixture at Tuesday training (and Wednesday Loop too). And does it all with a smile!

Favourite event: 400m

Fun fact: Shares a favourite Disney character (Stitch) with the President


Katya Guryeva - Social running Captain

Degree: European Social and Political Studies (ESPS)

About: Definitely winning the award for ‘keenest fresher’, Katya turned up to every single RAX event going when she first arrived at UCL (and even seemed to know more about the club than some of the committee!) She’s always a friendly, enthusiastic face, whether on a short jog or an ultra marathon!

Favourite event: Half Marathon/marathon

Fun fact: Did a marathon along the great wall of China!


Izzy Tann - Social Sec

Degree: Archaeology and Anthropology

About: Izzy is in her second year at UCL, and her motto? ‘Embrace the sesh with open hearts and minds’. Naturally, this makes her the perfect fit to be our social sec for the year. Fear not, non-drinkers - she’s equally keen for a pancake night as she is for a party night!

Favourite event: 5km up to long distance!

Fun fact: One half of the dynamic social sec duo, Izzy and Izzi




IzzI Zawartka - Community outreach + Events



Favourite event:

Fun fact: Other half of the dynamic social sec duo, Izzy and Izzi

Kerry Wales - Welfare Officer

Degree: Medicine

Blurb: Even older than the President, Kerry is in her 6th (and final!) year of medicine, and will soon be a fully-fledged doctor! Her years of wisdom and experience make her an excellent choice for welfare officer. Kerry’s laid-back manner makes her instantly approachable - you can talk to her about anything!

Favourite event: Multi-events!!

Fun fact: Has done just about every track and field event that exists


Grace Gillis - this ucl girl can officer


Blurb: Heading into her third year at UCL, and second year of being This Girl Can Officer, Grace knows exactly how to inspire other women to get active! She’s happy to dive in and lead a variety of sessions, from climbing to jogging to yoga.

Favourite event: The one and only annual TUGC Neon Rave Run!

Fun fact:

Jacob Sayers - Media Officer

Degree: Medical Sciences PhD

About: Jacob wins the ‘longest degree’ award: by combining medicine with a PhD, he’ll be at UCL for a grand total of nine years! Heading into year 6 of 9, he’s not content with just being an academic all-star, so has taken up the role of managing all of RAX’s social media output for the year. Expect to see your insta feeds on fire!

Favourite event: XC and road half marathons/marathons

Fun fact: Favourite Disney character is the wise old monkey Rafiki from the Lion King

Hugo McCullagh - Kit Secretary

Degree: History

About: Having got stuck into RAX as a fresher, Hugo has taken up the role of kit secretary this year. His one job is to keep everyone looking tip top for those all important matchy-matchy instagram shots. Expect on-brand leggings, jackets, vests and t-shirts, to keep us looking more like a sports club and less like a bunch of university ragamuffins.

Favourite event: Road relays

Fun fact: His inspirational runner is David Rudisha, the 800m world record holder