Christian pugsley - President

Degree: Medicine

Blurb: Fourth year medic who likes to lead by example, throwing himself into numerous events at each LUCA meet in the hope that everyone else will follow…. if that doesn’t work he will try and charm you into doing anything and everything - time will tell if this actually works….

Favourite event: Long Jump

Fun fact: (Thinks) He can box jump literally any height


Paddy Roddy - Treasurer

Degree: Cosmology PhD

Blurb:  Second year PhD student who loves mud and miles. This year I'm treasurer of RAX, as I aim to complete the set of various committee roles along with my undergrad. Got into running at the end of secondary school for a local 10km and haven’t looked back since.

Favourite event: XC/5km/10km/HM

Fun fact: Spent a summer keeping fit cycling on a turbo in a back brace after a cycle crash


angharad flower - Social Sec

Degree: Medicine

Second year medic who’s so competitive that she ran the final LUCA XC with a broken foot. If not found in the library, will be seen showing off the best dance moves RAX has to offer, or fluently talking French. Probably the most travelled runner, completing half-marathons in the desert and a 24hr relay in Switzerland

Fav event: 5k

Fun fact: seems to have done every athletics event on offer



nicole edmunds -XC Captain

Degree: English

Blurb: Second year English student who used to be a triathlete but has realised that running is wayyyy better (although she is the social sec of cycling ...) Generally crushes everything she does, and even if she doesn’t she’ll convince you that she crushed it anyway via some incredible action instas.

Favourite event: 1500m

Fun fact: Definitely not a show off

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 20.36.59.png

Nick hinchley -Athletics CAPTAin

Degree: Natural Sciences or ‘NatSci’

Only one man is as committed to both training and Loop as Nick is, something he will rub in every Thursday training session as he smashes his session while you feel like death. Formerly a XC runner, he made the switch to track when joining RAX and has never looked back, proof that uni is the perfect place to try something new!

Favourite event: 400m

Fun fact: Can and will talk you into a night out at literally anytime of day


matt dawe -Running CAPTAIN

Degree: History

Going into my third and supposedly final year, I’m in charge of looking after all our social and first-time runners, as well as organising any outings to road races and non-XC events. Since joining RAX in 1st year I’ve gone from barely being able to run 5km to voluntarily signing up for half marathons, proof that anything is possible if you put your mind to it! Last year also saw me get back into orienteering for the first time in over 5 years, though my navigation was rusty to say the least and I almost managed to get lost in an open field at one point!

Favourite event: 5km/Half Marathon - increasingly off road…

Fun fact: I used to sing tenor with the National Youth Choir of Wales (it’s pretty much the only Welsh stereotype I fulfil!)




Toby Payne - Internet captain

Degree: History

Blurb: I am a second-year, reading History with Arabic at UCL, I will be your Internet Captain for the upcoming year, handling the RAX social media account, pictures, and website.

Favourite event: Anything between 8 and 12k - and preferably muddy.  

Fun fact: I have 3 nipples





Catriona Rennison - postgrad officer (& welfare officer)

Degree: Medicine

Blurb: This is my fourth year at UCL (I’m a medic, we never leave!) I joined in my first year when I’d only just started running properly, and was cross-country captain in my 2nd year. I know that wider mental and social health are closely linked with sport, so I’m happy to be welfare officer this year. I hope I can ensure RAX continues to be welcoming and supportive for everyone, and I’m here for any welfare queries you might have!

Favourite event: XC, 5k and 10k track

Fun fact: Earned the nickname ‘pondweed’ after an unfortunate encounter with a local canal


anita cuteanu - this ucl girl can officer

Degree: Arts and Sciences

Blurb: Going into my second year, I never really used to like running but I decided to join RAX after having a blast at the Neon Rave Run last year and I never looked back. Went from professional couch potato to genuinely looking forward to my first half marathon this coming October!

Favourite event: The one and only annual TUGC Neon Rave Run!

Fun fact: My first ever orienteering race ended with me getting disqualified and begging a very confused-looking policeman to escort me back to the finish line (but I survived!)

Orienteering Captain: Natalie Holroyd

Degree: Medical Imaging PhD

Blurb: This is my third year here at UCL and as a member of RAX. Last year I tried to bring orienteering to UCL by running a few beginner training sessions and organising entries into some local races, including street races and the Richmond park “Blood races”. This year I’m looking forward to UCL having a much bigger presence on the orienteering scene and hopefully entering a full team into BUCS!

Favourite event: Orienteering and ultra running

Fun fact: I once orienteered around a nightclub in Cambridge

Kit Secretary: Josh Hia

Degree: Geography

I am a second-year student from Singapore and will be sorting out your kit needs this year. I am probably best at the high jump but I do enjoy playing all sorts of sport for leisure. Always game for new training ideas unless it involves anything more than a 5k run

Favourite event: High Jump

Fun fact: Used to play international chess but wasn’t very good at it.

Volunteering Secretary: Jasmine Balloch

Degree: Biochemistry

Blurb: Third year and last year’s Social Sec. Aiming to bring all aspects of the club slightly more together through volunteering schemes.

Favourite event: 4x100 because I like the team aspect of the sport even though, ironically, I sprint.

Fun fact: Can perform the Haka in full